Approximately 35,000 youth (ages 14 to 18) attend EFY each summer. That’s a lot of young people—but there are tens of thousands more who long for that opportunity and are unable to afford the tuition. Many youth are able to work and save for the chance to attend EFY, but for others, jobs are hard to find and rising costs are prohibitive. Our goal is to make EFY affordable for any youth who desires to attend. With your help, we will be closer to reaching that goal.

Financial assistance

EFY does have a program to help financially challenged youth, but its resources are very limited. Each year, many requests for deserving youth are denied due to insufficient funds.

How will my contribution help?

Your contribution will make it possible for more young people to attend EFY, where testimonies grow stronger in an environment that develops and reinforces gospel-centered living and relationships.

I want to help!