IL Nauvoo 02 (Special Edition) Session Information

Session LocationNauvoo Family Inn and Suites
Session AddressNauvoo Family Inn and Suites
1875 Mullholland St. (Hwy 96)
Nauvoo, IL 62354
(217) 453-6527
Session Location Page
Site Office LocationNauvoo Family Inn and Suites
Site Office Phone801-310-3231
Lost and Found Phone800-416-4470
Police Phone217-453-2221
Additional Location InformationTake a trip back to the 1840s as you:

• Walk the gardens of the Nauvoo Temple and participate in baptisms for the dead.*
• Discover the arts of blacksmiths, coopering, weaving, and candle-making.
• Explore a historic bakery equipped with a bustle oven.
• Examine the gun collection of the Browning family.
• Review the stirring history of the early settlers at the visitor’s center.
• Visit Carthage Jail and the old cemetery.

*Participants without a limited use temple recommend will participate in an alternate activity.
Mailing Address for participant while at EFY
Transfer DeadlineJul 25, 2017 1:00 p.m.
Withdrawal DeadlineJul 25, 2017 1:00 p.m.
Enrollment Fee$630 USD
Check In LocationNauvoo Family Inn
Check In Start
Check In End
Check In Info
Late Check In Location
Late Check In Start
Late Check In Info
Check Out LocationNauvoo Family Inn
Check Out Start
Check Out End


Usually EFY is contained within the campus where it is being held. Youth may face disciplinary action for leaving campus. Participants should only leave campus after following established check out policy and procedure.

The safety of our participants is our highest priority.

When checking a participant out from an EFY session, either temporarily or permanently, the following documents need to be presented to the staff who is on duty at the site office.

For a Parent/legal guardian:

  • Driver’s License

For a Relative/Friend (must be 18+ years old and authorized by the parent/legal guardian):

  • Driver’s License
  • Written consent from legal guardian
  • Photo copy of parent/legal guardian’s driver’s license (used to verify authenticity)

EFY will always call the parent/legal guardian listed in the primary or secondary emergency contact information to confirm the request. If the contact information provided is incorrect or the parent/legal guardian is not available by phone, the participant will not be checked out. Any exceptions must go through the main EFY Office (801-422-4493).

Participants must also check back in at the site office.

Early Arrival InfoIF YOU ARE ARRIVING EARLY ON THE SUNDAY SHUTTLE: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR THAT NIGHT AT THE NAUVOO INN AND SUITES. The hotel number is (217)453-6527. Please call the EFY office if you have any questions.

No lunch served on Monday.

Linens and TowelsProvided
Air ConditioningYes
Additional Packing InstructionsPlease follow the sample packing list below. In addition, please make sure you bring more than one set of dress clothes due to the extreme humidity. Bring short sleeve shirts and comfortable shoes, even to wear with dress clothes, as you will be outside walking in them. Also, remember to bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Don't forget a limited use temple recommend so you can join us for baptisms for the dead in the Nauvoo Temple. If you do not bring a recommend, you will participate in an alternate activity.

Mailing/Delivery of Letters or Packages

We recommend that letters or packages NOT be sent to participants. If necessary medications or items are forgotten, please contact the session site office and make arrangements with the staff. For birthdays or a special occasion, consider putting a note or surprise in your youth’s suitcase instead of arranging a delivery. Delivering personal mail and non-essential/non-emergency items disrupts the EFY schedule and uses the valuable time and resources of our staff. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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Driving Directions
Closest AirportLambert-St. Louis International Airport

Shuttle Options: Registration Link now Available. The round-trip cost is $65.

To register for the shuttle, go to, click on Manage My Continuing Education Account, log in to your account and click on the edit option.

Shuttle Options:

There are two choices for a roundtrip shuttle to Nauvoo: a Sunday shuttle and a Monday shuttle. (The drive from the St. Louis International Airport to the Nauvoo Family Inn is approximately 3.5 hours.)  The shuttles are not included as part of the EFY session "package." They are an additional option made available for your convenience in traveling to and from Nauvoo. It is your choice whether or not you would like to take advantage of the option and pay the necessary fee. 


Sunday (Aug. 6) – 7:00 pm

Leaves the St. Louis International Airport. Arrives at Nauvoo Family Inn at approximately 10:30 pm.

Note: Sunday shuttle passengers are required to make their own reservation at the Nauvoo Family Inn for Sunday night accommodations by visiting or calling 1-800-416-4470. The participants will be staying at the Inn during the week as well, but in different rooms. Please remember that EFY is not able to provide supervision until participant check-in on Monday afternoon.

Monday (Aug. 7) – 11:00 am

Leaves the St. Louis International Airport. Arrives at Nauvoo Family Inn at approximately 2:30 pm.


Saturday (Aug. 12) – 7:00 am

Leaves Nauvoo Family Inn. Arrives at the St. Louis International Airport at approximately 10:30 am.

The shuttle will be located on the upper level in the Main Terminal with all of the other shuttle and tour buses (there is a general location where all shuttles and charter buses park). The Sunday shuttle has “Mid-American Coaches” on all four sides. The Monday shuttle is a small bus with a “Keokuk Tourism” logo on the side. Counselors in EFY polo’s will be there to help participants load the shuttle. Call this number if you have trouble finding the shuttle the day of departure:

Sunday shuttle: Ryan Bradshaw 801-874-8726

Monday shuttle: Austin Cannon 385-242-6065

The counselor will have a list of everyone who is registered for the shuttle and will not leave without knowing where every participant is located. However, if a participant is late, but their whereabouts is known, the shuttle is authorized to depart in order to arrive on time. Other accommodations will then have to be made by the participant. (If participant arrival is on Sunday, they can find lodging nearby and take the shuttle on Monday the following day.)

If you plan to only use the shuttle one way, please let us know by Friday, June 23rd.

Also, please note that no lunch will be served on Monday. We will provide a small box breakfast for participants riding the shuttle on Saturday back to the Airport.

Finally, we request that you send us contact information for each youth who will be riding the shuttle. This contact information will be used to contact the youth if they are not at the shuttle at the time of departure.

Please direct all questions and send your youth’s contact information to Roger Paulsen at Phone: 801-422-7338, Email:


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