Watch Be an EFY Counselor

Objective Statement and Six Core Values of EFY

“Value-Driven Goals”

The objective of Especially for Youth is to strengthen youth in their commitment to live the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing inspiring and edifying learning opportunities and wholesome social experiences.

  • Inspiring opportunities: Counselors create a safe and positive environment where the youth can feel and learn by the Spirit.
  • Edifying opportunities: Counselors teach the youth the doctrines and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and remind them of their commitment to keep the covenants they have made.
  • Wholesome social experiences: Counselors help provide and encourage wholesome social interactions.


  • honesty: doing what’s right for the right reason
  • trustworthiness: constancy of character
  • true: strong moral compass


  • excellence: pursuing the highest quality
  • relevance: connecting to the youth
  • positivity: thinking yes before no
  • seeking guidance from and teaching by the Spirit


  • focus on the youths' experience
  • commitment: following through with dedication
  • enthusiasm: enjoying what you do
  • approachability: devoted to helping others
  • adaptability: creative problem-solving


  • safety first
  • reliability: people can count on you
  • accountability in all areas


  • courtesy and authenticity
  • appreciating and valuing others
  • believing in the worth of every soul
  • empathy for youth and their needs
  • trusting and supporting colleagues


  • communication: being open and forthright
  • development: finding and nurturing excellent staff
  • team spirit: believing in our objective and values
  • dedication: striving to create positive lasting memories