Watch Be an EFY Counselor

Objective Statement and Six Core Values of EFY

“Value Driven”

The objective of Especially for Youth is to strengthen youth in their commitment to live the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing inspiring and edifying learning opportunities, and wholesome social experiences.

  • Inspiring opportunities: Counselors create a safe and positive environment where the youth can feel the Spirit.
  • Edifying opportunities: Counselors teach the youth the doctrines and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Learning opportunities: The youth learn by the Spirit and commit to keep the covenants they have made.


  • Always doing what’s right; honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Character with a strong moral compass
  • True, accurate, loyal


  • Excellent—pursuing of the highest quality; going for the “wow” factor; doing what we can and then a little more
  • Relevant—applicable to the youth
  • Positive—thinking yes before no
  • Adaptable, in every situation
  • Letting the Spirit guide and teach

Customer Service

  • Focused on the youth
  • Committed
  • Enthusiastic—enjoy what you do
  • Friendly
  • Helpful—“Let me see what I can do.”


  • Put safety first
  • Be reliable so people can count on you
  • Be accountable in all areas


  • Show courtesy and be sincere
  • Make all people feel valuable
  • Show people they are important to you
  • Youth—show you care about their feelings and well-being
  • Staff—trust and support colleagues


  • Communicate effectively and openly
  • Hire and grow the best employees
  • Believe in the team and in yourself