Can someone currently serving an LDS mission apply for a position with EFY?

My application is saved, but not submitted. How do I submit it?

How do I change my availability after my application has been submitted?

How do I update my ward/emergency contact information after my application has been submitted?

Can I apply for more than one position?

Can I choose where/when I work?


What do I do if I received an email, inviting me to schedule an interview, but there are no available interview times posted online?

What should I bring to the interview?

How long will it take for me to know if I’ve been hired?


How do I see the contracts I have been offered?

What is an "on-call" contract?

What should I do if I need to decline or drop a contract that has been offered to me?


Will EFY provide travel to/from training sessions?

I'm a returning counselor. Do I still have to go to a training session?


All answers to these questions and more are found in the travel policy. Be sure to reference that section in your EFY Staff Handbook before contacting the EFY office with questions.

What locations will EFY provide travel for?

What if I need to drop a travel contract?

Will EFY provide housing or food for me when I am not contracted to work?

Will EFY provide travel for off weeks?

Will EFY reimburse me for gas if I choose to drive to a session?

Will EFY pay for my luggage to and from sessions?

Will EFY provide travel to/from training sessions?