EFY Employment

  • EFY is owned and operated by Brigham Young University with its principal place of business in Provo, Utah. Accordingly, all EFY counselors are interviewed, hired and trained in the State of Utah.
  • EFY counselors report to work in Provo, Utah at their own expense and should expect to work primarily at sessions located inside the State of Utah. Counselors who are also assigned to work at sessions outside Utah travel from Utah and return to Utah after their out-of-state assignment is complete, at EFY's expense. 
  • Transportation, food or housing will not be provided during weeks that an employee is not contracted to work. 
  • Because EFY is a Utah employer, wages and taxes are primarily reported as Utah wages, and taxes are withheld to Utah. However, some states in which holds sessions require EFY to report wages and withhold taxes to those states, such that counselors working sessions in those states would receive a W2 reporting wages earned in and taxes paid to those states in addition to Utah.

Availability and Assignments

Upon being hired, counselors notify EFY which weeks they are available to work and commit to make themselves available to work those weeks. Counselors are then assigned specific sessions based on availability and the needs of EFY.

  • Counselors are not guaranteed to work every week they make themselves available or in locations of their preference. Although employment is "at-will," once counselors accept assigned sessions, they do so with the intention of working all assigned sessions so that EFY can plan to adequately to staff all sessions.
  • Any changes in availability must be communicated to EFY as soon as possible so that EFY can make arrangements to adequately staff all sessions.
  • Counselors who do not accept or who decline assignments in the state of Utah risk losing out-of-state assignments. Any costs associated with flights booked for out of state sessions would become the responsibility of the counselor.

Future Employment

EFY employees understand that failure to comply with any EFY policies and procedures or contract terms and conditions may negatively affect their future employment with EFY.

Inability to Work

EFY employees understand that in the event they are unable to fulfill a contract(s), it is their responsibility to notify EFY programs no fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to the contract start days, and no fewer than forty-five (45) days prior if travel arrangements have been made. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting future contract privileges. At the discretion of the hiring committee, EFY staff may be subject to a $50 fee for each contract dropped within 14 days of the session start date.

Counselors who do not accept or who decline assignments during peak enrollment weeks risk losing all other assigned contracts. Any costs associated with flights booked for out of state sessions would become the responsibility of the Counselor.

Hiring Paperwork

EFY employees understand that all necessary paperwork must be completed prior to the mandatory pre-summer training in order to be authorized to work.

EFY Training

EFY employees agree to complete all required pre-session training, which includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Read and study the EFY Staff Handbook.
  • Complete designated sections of the EFY online training.
  • Accept a contract to attend a mandatory pre-session training prior to beginning work. EFY employees must attend training in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in contracts being withdrawn and/or the forfeiture of EFY employment.

Changes in Contracts

EFY employees understand that EFY reserves the right to cancel contracts and reschedule or cancel sessions at its discretion. In any event, the contract becomes void, without remuneration of any kind. The employee's "Work Availability" section on the EFY Employment Center should be updated and kept current in order to be considered for a rescheduled or alternate session.

Staff Expectations

EFY employees understand that they must be available for the entire session, work all of the days of the contracted session (including Sunday evening meetings, session director fireside and Saturday morning meetings), be on time to all meetings and activities, fulfill specific duties and responsibilities as assigned, and meet all expectations as found in the staff manual and other training materials.

Continued summer employment with EFY is contingent upon satisfactory performance, evaluations, and meeting all expectations. Failure to meet these expectations may result in early termination of a contracted session and any future contracts that may have already been accepted.

Payment for a contracted session may be withheld or minimized due to failure to attend mandatory pre-session trainings or complete specified duties and responsibilities on time and as directed.

On-Call Conditional Contract

EFY employees understand that a conditional on-call contract MUST be accepted AND authorized before work may begin. By accepting this conditional on-call contract you are acknowledging your availability to work and understand it may occur just prior to or during the scheduled session/program. If a work opportunity opens, you will receive an authorizing email indicating that your CONDITIONAL status has changed to AUTHORIZED TO WORK. Only AFTER you receive this authorizing email may you report to work.

We recognize and value the overall experience typically gained by those who choose to serve full-time missions. We regularly seek these individuals to lead and be examples to our youth as summer counselors.

We aslk all those who are currently serving full-time missions to uphold the Lord's admonition in the Doctrine and Covenants...to "serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day" (D&C 4:2, 4).

However, if your mission president approves, you may complete an application during your mission. Please indicate your release date in your application so we know when to contact you. Once you have submitted your application, The EFY Office will place your application on hold until you are released from your mission. You will be informed of our hiring needs and possible interview opportunities at the time of your release. We will continue the hiring process, including posting additional interview dates, until all positions are filled. Please do not complete any interviews (video or in person) until you return home from your mission. 

An ecclesiastical clearance must be completed before any individual may be considered for hire. We will not process any ecclesiastical clearance until a full-time missionary has completed his/her mission and returned home.

All travel needs for sessions from BYU campus must be arranged and approved by the EFY office.

*Please reference the entire 2019 EFY Travel Policy in the Staff section of the EFY Handbook.

Travel Costs Included

  • Ground transportation will be arranged and provided for sessions less than 400 miles from BYU campus.
  • Round-trip air travel will be arranged and provided to and from Salt Lake City airport for any session greater than 400 miles from BYU campus. These flights will take place on the Saturday before and Saturday after the session(s).
  • EFY provides transportation to and from the airport via rental car, shuttle or public transportation.
  • Temporary parking is provided at BYU for employees who use the EFY provided transportation to and from BYU campus to other session locations.
  • $25 reimbursement for ONE checked bag per employee will be provided (each way) when working two or more consecutive weeks at a travel session (unless checked bag is included in airfare.)
  • Reimbursement for meals missed while traveling to and from campus locations (Breakfast: $6; Lunch: $7; Dinner: $10). If no meals are missed during travel provided by EFY, there are no reimbursements.

Travel Costs Not Included

  • Travel will not be provided to or from training sessions held at BYU campus.
  • Travel will not be provided to BYU campus at the beginning of your first contracted session or from BYU campus at the end of your last contracted session.
  • Gas will not be reimbursed if the employee chooses to drive to a session. 
  • Transportation, food or housing will not be provided during weeks that an employee is not contracted to work. 
  • Employees will not be reimbursed for checked luggage if only traveling for one contracted week.
  • Any deviations from the provided itinerary will be at the employee's personal expense. 
  • Employees will not be reimbursed for travel if they choose to provide their own transportation to or from an airport.
  • Employees will not be reimbursed for airport parking. 

Dropping Contracts After Travel is Booked

  • Employees must contact efytravel@byu.edu to let us know that he or she is dropping a travel contract as soon as possible. 
  • If an EFY employee drops a contracted travel session(s), he or she must reimburse EFY for the cost of flights that have already been booked.
  • The EFY employee will be billed and given an opportunity to make payment before further action is taken (for example: collection agency, financial hold on BYU account).
  • Flight changes deemed necessary due to extenuating circumstances (personal illness, death of an immediate family member, etc.) will be reviewed and, if approved, will be covered by the EFY Office.
  • If an EFY employee has accepted a contract for a Special Edition session, he or she must work the other sessions offered unless an Administrator approves an exception. If the employee drops the other sessions offered, the Special Edition contract will be withdrawn and the employee must pay the cost of flights already booked (see above).
  • EFY reserves the right to withdraw contracts for travel sessions if an EFY employee drops contracts for non-travel sessions. The cost of flights already booked will become the responsibility of the employee (see above).

Air Travel

  • All flights must be arranged and booked through the EFY Office. Special travel arrangements will not be made, except for EFY purposes. 
  • EFY employees will be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of missed flights, including costs to change a flight, hotel, meals, and rental car costs.
  • EFY employees must reimburse EFY for the cost of the flight if they are unable to work a session due to a missed flight.

Dress Code for EFY Travel

  • When EFY is providing travel, employees are required to wear an EFY polo or current EFY staff t-shirt and long pants.
  • Please review EFY’s Dress and Appearance Standards for additional expectations at efy.byu.edu/dress-and-appearance.

EFY employees agree to maintain the following EFY dress and appearance standards in addition to the BYU Honor Code's dress and grooming standards.

  • No clothing that is tight, sheer, or revealing in any manner
  • No grubby, holey, or otherwise ragged jeans
  • No tight, low-cut, or form-fitting jeans
  • No flip-flops
  • Long pants only (no shorts, floods, capris, etc.)
  • No facial hair
  • Hair must be trimmed so that eyes and ears are visible
  • No unnatural or extreme hair styles or colors