First year speakers are hired on a one year trial basis for evaluation and ensure their fit and compatibility with the EFY program.

Speakers are hired on a year-to-year basis and session assignments can fluctuate depending upon need.

New applicants (S&I applicants included):

You will need to apply if you have never worked for EFY before as a speaker or a session director, or if you did not speak or direct in the last year.

If an applicant is or has been involved with the EFY program as a counselor, building counselor, health counselor or coordinator, they are requireded to wait four years from their last year of employment to apply for a speaking position.

The purpose of EFY is to strengthen youth in their commitment to live the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing inspiring, edifying learning opportunities, and wholesome social experiences.

To help achieve this purpose, EFY teachers teach in ways that are:


EFY teachers are appropriate in both content and methodology. In all they do and say, teachers help cultivate a learning environment that is conducive to youth understanding by the Spirit.


EFY teachers teach true principles and doctrines as found in the scriptures and the words of modern prophets.


EFY teachers teach doctrines and principles that are relevant and engaging to youth.

  1. Online Application—CLOSED - October 16, 2017 9 am MST
  1. Video Submission—Due October 16, 2017 (post mark deadline)
    • The video submission should be of you teaching youth, ages 12–18. This video should be a substantial amount of time (recommended 20–40 minutes), and the teaching should be focused on the scriptures and gospel principles. If you have questions about this, please email us at
    • Video submissions should be submitted on a USB in mp4 format, and mailed to our office (see address below). Videos submitted in other formats will not be accepted.  Online video submissions will also not be accepted.
      • Mailing Address
        EFY Speaker Applications
        206 HCEB, BYU
        Provo, UT 84602-1504
  2. Talk Outlines—Talk outlines will be requested pending the evaluation of each application/video submission.  If an applicant is hired, three talk outlines for use at EFY Summer 2018 must be submitted; this is to be done via the EFY Faculty Center. Please be sure to include accurate scripture references; quotes; references to quotes being used; a brief explanation of any story or example that will be used, with approval from those whose stories will be shared (if not your own); and a full outline—not just a description of your lesson. A sample outline and a list of submission requirements are included below.
  3. All talk submissions are read thoroughly and edited for approval. If your outlines do not meet the requirements asked, they will be sent back to you with requested revisions and editing comments. To save time, please make sure that your outlines are as complete as possible.
  4. Note: While speaking at EFY, refrain from promoting personal social media sites, websites, blogs, artwork, books, and music albums.
  5. Sample Talk Outline (PDF)
  6. Talk Submission Requirements (PDF)
  7. Note: If you are a full time Seminaries and Institutes (S&I) employee, you will need to complete all parts of the application process, including video submission.
  • REL C 471—Teaching Seminary
  • “The Teaching Emphasis”—Training Resource DVD
  • Gospel Teaching and Learning: A Handbook for Teachers and Leaders in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion
  • Teaching in the Savior's Way
  • Come, Follow Me—Youth Sunday School and Young Men/Young Women manuals

These resources are for those who are interested in becoming seminary teachers, or for those who want to gain more insight and skills for teaching in any classroom setting. They are not required before speaking at EFY, but will outline the valuable skills looked for in EFY speakers. We strongly recommend using these resources for training.

We also encourage you to borrow the “Teaching Emphasis” DVD from your local institute, seminary, or S&I coordinator. This DVD will provide great insight into the kind of speaking we are looking for at EFY.

BYU Travel/Corporate Card

Only session directors will be required to have a BYU travel card. If you do not have a card, or your card has expired, call us at 801-422-3817.

Things that can be charged on the credit card

  • hotel
  • rental car
  • fuel for rental car
  • fuel for personal car (but if you do then you will not be reimbursed for miles)
  • airport parking
  • tolls

Note: Because speakers are not issued a travel card, session directors will need to use their card to pay for things such as the hotel for all speakers assigned to their session.

Things that cannot be charged on the credit card

  • food
  • supplies
  • shopping

Reimbursements - Per Diem amounts/Zone Map/Mileage Rate

Insurance Requirements

All teachers driving to a session must have the required level of insurance.

  • $100K—personal injury or death for one person
  • $300K—injury or death for two or more people
  • $100K—property damage