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Special Needs

Any participant requiring accommodations for special needs must call the EFY office (801-422-4493) six weeks before his or her session begins. This gives EFY time to determine if it can reasonably accommodate special dietary, housing, and medical needs such as those for celiac disease (meals for the week), wheelchairs (handicap access), diabetes (refrigerator for insulin), etc. These needs must also be indicated on the Parental Release form completed during registration.

Please review Guidelines for Youth with Special Needs and Considerations.

Parents certify on the EFY registration form that youth are in good health and able to participate in all scheduled activities. If your youth has a temporary medical condition (illness, recent surgery, etc.) that prevents full participation, he or she should consider attending at a later date.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones should not interrupt EFY activities. We ask EFY participants to show courtesy and respect for all involved by being good examples and following the guidelines listed below:

  • Please do not use cell phones for texting, conversation, email, games, or anything else during organized meetings, devotionals, classes, and other activities.
  • Silence your cell phone during activities so it is not a distraction.
  • If your cell phone has a camera, please do not use it to distract or interrupt others.

Procedures for Checking Out/Leaving EFY during a session

EFY is typically contained within the campus where it is being held. Youth may face disciplinary action for leaving campus without following established policy and checkout procedures.

The safety of our participants is our highest priority. 

To check out early from an EFY session, either temporarily or permanently (before [regular] Saturday check-out), you must present the following documents to the staff member on duty at the site office:

Parent or legal guardian: 

  • Driver’s license

Relative or friend (must be 18 years old and authorized by the parent or legal guardian):

  • Driver’s license
  • Written consent of parent or legal guardian
  • Photocopy of driver’s license of parent or legal guardian

EFY will always call the parent or legal guardian listed in the primary or secondary emergency contact information to confirm the request. If the contact information provided is incorrect or the parent or legal guardian is not available by phone, the participant will not be checked out. Any exceptions must go through the main EFY office (801-422-4493). Participants must also check back in at the site office.

Damage/Lost Keys


Participants are liable and will be billed for damage to rooms or property.

Lost Keys

When participants check out, they are responsible for returning their housing keys. There is no grace period for returning keys because all universities charge EFY the cost of rekeying immediately after each session. The charge for missing keys can vary from $10 to $150 per key, depending on the location.

Dress and Appearance Standards and Expectations

Before coming to EFY, please carefully review the Dress and Appearance Standards and The Big Five; they will be enforced. Participants will not be able to check in if they are not in compliance with these standards. No refunds will be issued.

Exercise/Running Options at EFY

Youth desiring to exercise or run during their session should discuss available options with their counselor on Monday at Meet Your Counselor. Runners must stay in a designated area on campus or be checked out by a parent or guardian according to EFY policy and procedure.


Youth will be walking a lot during the week at EFY. They should bring shoes that are comfortable for walking long distances. Closed-toe shoes are required for games night on Wednesday and are recommended, though optional, for dances.

Lost Scriptures

At the end of each non-BYU session, scriptures left behind are sent to the main EFY office in Provo, Utah (801-422-3817, ext. 0).

Scriptures left at BYU sessions are sent to the BYU Lost and Found, 801-422-3024; open Monday from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., and Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. mountain time.

Parents must pay to have left-behind scriptures shipped home.

We encourage youth to ask their counselor for help finding their scriptures or other missing items before leaving EFY.

Mailing/Delivery of Letters or Packages

We recommend NOT sending letters or packages to participants. If essential medications or items are forgotten, please contact the session site office and make arrangements with the staff. For birthdays or other special occasions, consider putting a note or surprise in your youth’s suitcase instead of sending a package or card. Delivering personal mail and nonessential, nonemergency items uses the valuable time of our staff and can disrupt the EFY schedule. We appreciate your cooperation.


Lunch is not provided Monday. Dinner is served at 4:30 p.m. each afternoon. It is followed by energetic activities, so the youth may get hungry later. They can bring snacks or buy them during free time.

Medical Claims and Accident Insurance

Current statement will be posted when available.

Obligation to Report Abuse and Self-Harm

Consistent with BYU policy and the requirements of many state laws, EFY personnel report to law enforcement or other applicable state agencies instances in which EFY personnel have reason to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect. EFY personnel may also report to parents, law enforcement, or other applicable state agencies instances where EFY personnel have reason to believe that a participant has engaged in self-harm.

Pizza Night (overnight sessions)

Youth should bring $3 to $5 to contribute to their group’s pizza order if they wish to participate. This is a fun activity to help the youth get to know each other better.


Youth are expected to show respect for themselves and others. They are to be polite and kind to all campus employees and other youth. Bullying will not be tolerated. Youth represent themselves, EFY, their family, and the Church.


Participants’ health and safety is the first priority of EFY! Youth are not allowed to do anything to harm themselves or others, including climbing trees, doing flips or gymnastics, or jumping out of windows. As a general rule, Your head needs to stay above your feet.

Transportation: Parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for getting youth to and from their session. For details, click on the specific session on the available sessions page.

Variety Show

Youth can audition to display their talent or skill to the entire EFY session. Typical acts are singing, dancing, juggling, magic tricks, and comedic skits. If you plan to participate, bring the props and music for your act. Learn more about how to audition for the Variety Show.