parents and child

Help your youth have the best possible EFY experience!

These suggestions are primarily for Overnight and Stay-at-Home sessions. Some information is also applicable to Express sessions.

Encourage your youth to come with a spirit of friendship, participation and learning. Talk with them about the following:

  1. Put God first

    • Listen to the Spirit and be willing to learn something new in all EFY activities. Teach others and be teachable.
  2. Step outside your comfort zone

    • Make new friends. Reach out and include others and help them to have a great time.
    • Join in activities. Prepare an act and audition for the Variety Show or participate in the musical program. Be supportive.
  3. Focus on taking it home

    • Consider lessons you want to learn and attributes you want to develop. Set goals. Write down gospel or life questions you are seeking answers to.

Additional Pre-Arrival Helps

While your youth is at EFY, we hope you will

  • Pray for your youth!
  • Encourage participation in all activities. Review the Week-at-a-Glance.
  • Prepare the entire family to support your youth when he or she comes home energized to read scriptures every day, participate more in FHE, be kinder to family members, etc.
  • If your youth calls with any concerns, encourage them to talk to their counselor. Please call the EFY office or session site office if you would like to discuss their concerns further. We are happy to do all we reasonably can to make sure your youth has a great experience.

Be familiar with these important policies

Review the following ideas with your youth to help them take EFY home!


  • Record EFY experiences and memories.
  • Keep in contact with friends.
  • Listen to EFY Music.


  • Discuss meaningful lessons learned during family dinner.
  • Teach an FHE lesson.
  • Share experiences in young men’s or young women’s meeting.
  • Post things you learned on social media.


  • Continue good habits you learned at EFY.
  • Review Personal Progress or Duty to God and complete corresponding values or goals.
  • Review goals set in the “Taking it Home Activity” section of the EFY Handbook.
  • Set new goals.

Learn about your youth’s experience!

Try these questions to encourage conversation.

  • What was your favorite class? Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
  • Tell me about the activities of the week. What was your favorite?
  • What impressed you about your counselors? The youth in your company? What did you learn from them?
  • What did you think about the campus? How was the food?
  • Tell me about the friends you made. How are you going to stay in touch with them?
  • What kinds of goals did your company set?
  • What was the session director like? What did you learn from him?