girl singing

Overnight and Stay-at-Home sessions

Auditions will be conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday during your session.

Express sessions

Please send your video or a link to your video to Be sure to include your name and the session location you are auditioning for. Audition videos must be received by 5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the session.

All sessions

We appreciate all talents, but to ensure a variety of acts and to stay within time limits, not everyone who auditions will be selected.

EFY dress and appearance standards will be enforced

  • Desired costumes for the variety show must be worn for your audition (No pajamas, please.)
  • Shorts must come to the knee.
  • Tops must always be worn long enough to cover the stomach and lower back.
  • Dancewear must be modest. If it is too tight or revealing, it must be covered with a shirt or costume of some sort (this includes leotards and leggings).

Additional guidelines

  • Content must be entertaining, clean, and uplifting.
  • Acts must not contain any vulgar or suggestive movements.
  • For safety reasons, lifting and acrobatic movements are not allowed.
  • Please choose a song that is clean, with no suggestive words or messages. Songs cannot be used if you have to change the lyrics to make them comply with EFY standards.
  • No food or liquid of any kind may be used, including toothpaste.
  • Because we want to respect the reverence of Church music, please do not include any Church-related musical numbers or scriptures in your act.