EFY participant

We want you to have the best possible EFY experience!

This information is primarily for Overnight and Stay-at-Home sessions. Some information is also applicable to Express sessions.

Watch Making the Most of EFY

  1. Prepare yourself spiritually

    • Study your scriptures.
    • Read, listen to, or watch talks related to the EFY theme.
    • Pray often.
  2. Prepare yourself physically

  3. Prepare yourself mentally

  1. Meet new friends

    • Whether this is your first or fourth year, get to know other participants.
    • Include others in your discussions, at meals, and in conversation, especially if you already know other participants.
    • Be service minded and help make sure everyone has a great time.
  2. Actively participate in all of the activities

    • Check out the Week-at-a-Glance to know what to expect.
    • Don't forget to audition for the Variety Show.
    • Listen to the Spirit and be willing to learn new things.
    • Study your scriptures, write down items you feel are important, and don't forget the importance of prayer.
  3. Have a great time

  1. Remember

    • Review your written memories and experiences.
    • Keep in contact with your new friends.
    • Download your EFY Music.
    • Watch for your Session Slideshow to be posted.
  2. Share

    • Discuss what you learned at family dinner.
    • Teach a family home evening lesson.
    • Post about your experience on social media.
  3. Apply

    • Continue good habits you learned at EFY.
    • Review Personal Progress or Duty to God and complete corresponding values or goals.
    • Review goals set in the “Taking it Home Activity” section of the EFY Handbook.
    • Set new goals.